Monday, March 24, 2008

Community Development Week Comes to CNY

Today at the City Hall Commons Atrium in downtown Syracuse, Mayor Matt Driscoll tried to reassure the people in attendance that community development was a priority for the remainder of his time in office. This morning at 11am, the mayor and various other community leaders joined together for the kick-off to National Community Development Week. The main message handed down by the mayor was patience. He said that large-scale community redevelopment projects take a long time to go into effect.

"We have 22 months left to go and I pledge to this common council and all of you: we're going to work very hard and be very aggressive," Driscoll said. He continued, "We've rolled out some very aggressive items which we think are gonna help continue that trend and really allow this community to take back neighborhoods and to really continue the great successful work that you've all done."

Commissioner Fernando Ortiz, Jr., the head of the Department of Community Development was delighted to see so many of the people that help reshape the community in attendance today. To close out his address to those in attendance today, Ortiz borrowed a famous line from the late Fred Rodgers, "It's a beautiful day in our neighborhood."

For more information on the Department of Community Development, click here.

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