Monday, March 24, 2008

Learning On The Go (Or At Home)

iTunes has partnered with universities and colleges throughout the country to make higher learning accessible to everyone.  People can download lectures from schools throughout the country and view them on their computer or iPod.  There are currently more than 40 schools participating in the program, with one in Central New York.  Broome Community College currently offers downloadable lectures in science, math, and english.  
While Syracuse University is not one of the schools currently participating in the program both professors and students think their are benefits to using the iPod and iTunes as an educational tool.

According to Bill Gibbons, Professor of Information Studies, podcasting lectures could help professors draw on more resources for teaching.  "I think professors could use it to supplement there classroom material and take advantage of on-site lecturing through video" says Gibbons.
And SU student Mark Geyer thinks the online classes could help him satisfy his intellectual curiosity.  "If they're offering free lectures on-line I can at least get a taste of what I am interested in" says Geyer.
That access to individual interests could spark the interest of adults at home, which might bring them back to the universities.
To find out more about iTunes U click here and visit the website.

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