Monday, March 3, 2008

SU Chooses Commencement Speaker

Syracuse University's 2008 commencement speaker was announced today. SU has decided to have broadcast journalist Bob Woodruff speak at the ceremony on May 11th.

Woodruff was severly wounded in the War in Iraq in 2006. He sustained life threatening injuries to his head, and was in a medically induced coma for two months.

Local, John Toole said that he feels as though Woodruff's experience is something that should be shared with the students at SU because his recovery and dedication to his work is admirable.

The War in Iraq hits close to home with SU student Aaron Horowitz because he has a step-brother who has served time in this war. Horowitz said that people need to hear more first hand accounts of the war from people who were affected like Woodruff was, especially since he was injured.

Although Horowitz and Toole are excited about Woodruff speaking at the commencement ceremony, Horowitz worries that people who don't care about the war now, won't care about it when Woodruff speaks. But only time will tell if that is the case.

For more information about Bob Woodruff and his courageous efforts and recovery you can visit,

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