Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Syracuse Children's Chorus

The internationally acclaimed Syracuse Children's Chorus held their third concert of the year this weekend in Hendricks Chapel at Syracuse University. This time around, with help from author Bruce Coville and Geoffrey Navias and the Open Hand Theater, they presented a show quite unlike any choral concert they've ever given before.

"Several years ago in thinking about future planning and ideas about how we can somehow change and look at new ways of how children's choirs perform, I decided I wanted to try putting open hand theater together with the children's chorus and doing something more creative," said choral director Barbara Marble Tagg.

And creative it was. Across the stage moved intricate puppets and interpretive dancers. Sprinkled throughout the chapel were painted props and decorative sets. The children themselves were even sprinkled throughout the chapel, singing in the aisles and even up in the balcony.

The Syracuse Children's Chorus is made up of students ages eight to 17. These students do all of their rehearsing outside of school, practicing between one and three hours a week. But all that hard work pays off, as the chorus has performed overseas in locations such as China, Wales, and Holland.

Their fourth and final concert of the season, entitled Dancing Through History, will be held Sunday May 4th at 4 p.m at Hendricks Chapel.

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