Monday, March 31, 2008

The Start of Trout Season

Tomorrow is a big day for fisherman in New York State, it's the start of trout fishing season. With only one day left, last minute preparations are being taken by local hatcheries, fishermen, and stores across Central New York.

Today was a typical March morning at the Carpenter's Brook Fish Hatchery. Hatchery staffers loaded fish into special tanks on trucks to finish stocking creeks, brooks, and streams before tomorrow. They plan to get 20,000 fish out before the opening day of trout season.

Supervisor Travis Stanek and the other workers have been stocking the streams for about a week now-- dumping one and two year old trout fish from bridges at various locations in Onondaga County. But-- Travis says today they're working on their last load.

Preparations are also being taken by local fish stores. Mickey's Bait and Tackle was busy all day with customers coming in to get their basic trout fishing supplies. One customer-- Mike Grimshaw has been trout fishing for about fifty years. He say's its become a tradition.

Mike is out today getting all the basics-- bait, worms, minos, and of course night crawlers.

"Hopefully all these will turn into trout, but if not it's still opening day," says Grimshaw.

Mike says he's not sure what to expect tomorrow-- his day depends on the weather. If it rains he says he'll go home, but good weather means he'll be out fishing all day.

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